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Project Summary

“Detroit Afrika 2057" is a storytelling-based world-building exercise, created by renowned afrofuturist griot and music producer, Bryce Detroit. This exercise, based on his self-titled narrative, utilizes music-based storytelling, architectural design, visual art, and digital illustration, to design, fabricate and produce afrofuturist scenographies, that function as platforms for broadcasting new visions and plans for a radically-imagined North End, thriving in the year 2057.

The “Detroit Afrika 2057: the North End” project epitomizes Bryce Detroit's ongoing efforts to develop and scale new mechanisms for intergenerational audiences to be exposed to and engage with the North End’s: rich cultural legacies (past and present), burgeoning economic infrastructures, and new “Black” futures. Equally important, the participants are being grounded in a narrative that is contextualized by the material evidence of an uninterrupted African cultural continuum that is millions of years, living.
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Narrative Summary

The priority for developing, building, securing, and scaling these new neighborhood‐based institutional systems thus effectuated the global distribution of "Detroit Afrikan (tm)" cultural, educational, sociopolitical, and technological pedagogies, products, and services.

In 2057, the North End celebrates an intentionally cultivated majority Black population of approximately 22,000 people with a median income of $77K. As a stellar model of "new economy", the neighborhood is well known for it's network of "Block‐based" economic infrastructures that for the past 30+ years have signified powerful innovations in neighborhood cooperative-economic development + land use strategies, especially regarding the industrial sectors of: Agriculture; Professional, Scientific, & Technical (Architecture, Engineering, ); Information (Media Broadcast, Recordings Arts & Sciences); Digital Fabrication (small to large
scale); Manufacturing (computer + electronic product, textile, wood products, rubber + plastic).

Get Involved

Looking to support the North End Legacy & Detroit Afrika 2057?

Detroit Afrika 2057

Since 2013, due to the leadership, diplomatic efforts, and legacies of founding members of Oakland Avenue Artist Coalition, the North End neighborhood has since developed into a global destination and benchmark for self‐determined, ancestrally‐rooted collective economies, that are robust, scalable, and founded on hyperlocal production methodologies and integrated manufacturing + distribution infrastructures. 

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